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Salem Film Fest


2014 Film Sampler

Curated Itineraries

Salem Film Fest is one of the richest documentary festivals in the world, and this year’s lineup is filled with beautiful and bracing films. Over the history of the festival, we’ve discovered that our audience members bring their own individual passions about subject matter and cinematic style.

Here are some “Curated Itineraries” to allow you to review the film roster through specific lenses attuned to your own sensibilities.

The itineraries aren’t exhaustive, and they’re certainly subjective, but we hope these pointers help you develop your own strategy for getting the most out of the 2014 Salem Film Fest.

For a downloadable and printable schedule of all films and events, click here!

  1. Films about Art

    From dissident artists in China, to the Sunday Funnies, this diverse collection of documentaries plumbs the role of artists and the place of art in today’s world.

  2. Films about Music

    The auditorium is dark, the screen is bright, and toes are tapping.

  3. Films about Unforgettable Characters

    You’ll meet some people during Salem Film Fest you’ll never forget, and several of them will be up on the screen.

  4. Films for Cinematography Buffs

    Okay, every film in the festival belongs on this list, but here are a few suggestions to help you keep abreast with the widely varied state-of-the-art in documentary visuals.

  5. Films with a Local Flavor

    Come to Salem, see the world. That’s our festival tag line, and it’s as true as ever this year. But for a handful of films, perhaps you’ll also glimpse a New England neighbor, either onscreen or behind the camera.

  6. Journalistic Documentaries

    A documentary can change the public conversation about important issues in our society. These films might do just that over the next year.