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Salem Film Fest


Posted February 26th, 2014 by brianlepire in Filmmakers in Attendance, Event


Mass Reality Check, Salem Film Fest’s college documentary shorts showcase, returns to the National Parks Visitor Center Saturday, March 8th, with six docs highlighting the work of young aspiring filmmakers. The program, introduced at SFF 2013, is an exciting opportunity for student filmmakers working either in short subject traditional or experimental formats to present their work to large audiences. MRC, presented in partnership with LEF Foundation, Documentary Educational Resources and The Independent, also provides filmmakers the chance to interact with the documentary film community.

The shorts featured at this year’s MRC may exhibit a range of different traditional and experimental styles, but, like all great documentaries, each of the young filmmakers’ lenses capture a story that might have never  been told, a moment that could have gone unnoticed. They are stories that comprise to make the world around us, including:


 BLACK BOX | Directed by Nicole Prowell Hart | Filmmaker in Attendance

A personal, experimental meditation about the memory of, and recovery from, a traumatic childhood.



DAKOTA | Directed by Nakota Wagner | Filmmaker in Attendance

What is it like to lead a secret life as an exotic dancer?



DRY STONE | Directed by Graham Deneen

An exploration of the connection between the stone wall, its builder, and the landscape.



MIDNIGHT SUN | Directed by Dan Girmus, Collins Harris IV, & Frank Horton | Filmmakers in Attendance

 The impact of new fishing regulations on the life and work of a Gloucester fisherman.


noam still #3

SEARCY COUNTY | Directed by Noam Osband

A glimpse at the inner workings of a livestock market in Arkansas.



WEIRDO RECORDS | Directed by Laura Brincat | Filmmaker in Attendance

Take a peek inside an experimental record store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Along with the all-access passes selected filmmakers receive, representatives from SFF and the sponsors will present the “Best Short” Award to the most promising short doc. The winning filmmaker will have the opportunity to meet one on one with the jury to discuss their work and gain valuable career insights from some of the region’s leading industry associations.

Mass Reality Check 2014 takes place Saturday, March 8th at 11 a.m. in the National Park Visitor Center.