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Salem Film Fest 2016

Branded by Salem Film Fest

Posted March 4th, 2016 by jeffschmidt in Uncategorized

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By Mary Beth Bainbridge, SFF goodies collector

I love fashion. But lately I have been wondering if I am starting to look like a NASCAR driver. I surely hope my besties would point out
such a fashion faux pas.

My typical morning starts with me pouring coffee into my Salem Film Fest mug while I am wearing a Salem Film Fest t-shirt. I go about my day and sip tea from a Salem Film Fest stein that rests on a Salem Film Fest coaster. I look at my clock on the wall and see Salem Film
Fest posters. I head out the door and grab my jacket which sports not one, but THREE!, Salem Film Fest buttons. And then I pull on my hat and recognize it is also pinned with a Salem Film Fest button.

You might be asking how I overlooked my adoration of groovy SFF goodies in my ode to Salem Film Fest [an earlier blog post]. I didn’t.
My SFF gear addiction is not exclusive to a single week. I enjoy being surrounded by these fun tokens of fantastic Fests all year long. And
all these SFF merch purchases feed my altruistic nature knowing I am supporting a fave fest.

Editors note: SFF Merchandise can be purchased at the CinemaSalem Cafe during the festival, while supplies last (especially if Mary Beth is around)!