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Salem Film Fest 2017

Salem Film Fest, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Posted February 26th, 2016 by jeffschmidt in Uncategorized


By Mary Beth Bainbridge, SFF organizer and director of Zephyr Gallery

My favorite week in Salem MA is fast approaching! In case you missed it, Salem Film Fest is March 3 through March 10, 2016. As a core volunteer with the Fest, I tried to verbalize why I adore this special week-long event.

One: the people. There are so many interesting people to meet during the week of Salem Film Fest, whether it is a visiting filmmaker, a local musician, a volunteer, or a fellow filmgoer.

Two: the popcorn. CinemaSalem uses real butter on the popcorn. Just don’t take it into PEM or the National Park Service!

Three: the Q+A. The conversation with the filmmaker or subject following a documentary enriches the experience.

Four: Salem Sketches. These mini-docs are short portraits of this fascinating city.

Five: the sponsors. It is nice to see local businesses supporting this wonderful week of independent film.

Six: the musical interludes. Before some screenings you can listen to a local musician perform.

Seven: the parties. After a day at the Fest, unwind and talk about the fantastic films.

Eight: the food. The receptions, the filmmaker breakfast at Caffé Graziani, and the after parties offer some delicious yummies.

Nine: the volunteers and staff. Anybody willing to spend their time during Salem Film Fest not watching the films is a special person for whom I am grateful.

Ten: the walls at CinemaSalem. In addition to the fun movie posters, this year the hallway at CinemaSalem will be lined with images from KEDI.

Eleven: the films. Oh yeah, the films! There is no question that any screening you attend is going to be amazing. I can never choose a favorite because each documentary is incredible in its own way.

See you at Salem Film Fest! I will be the one with popcorn excitedly talking with my neighbor about the groovy film we just saw and anticipating the next one.

Zephyr Gallery is a proud supporter of Salem Film Fest 2016 and greatly looking forward to an extraordinary week. We are sponsoring CURIOUS WORLDS: THE ART & IMAGINATION OF DAVID BECK screening on Thursday, March 3 at the Peabody Essex Museum. If you are even remotely interested in attending this screening, then get tickets now!

Counting down…