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Salem Film Fest 2017

Salem Film Fest returns in March

Posted February 16th, 2016 by rinusoosthoek in Uncategorized

To see a great general background article on Salem Film fest that was published Friday, February 12, 2016, written by Shelley A. Sackett of the Wicked Local Media group, please click here.


“What do local filmmaker Joe Cultrera, businessman Paul Van Ness, and Salem Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rinus Oosthoek have in common? The answer goes back to 2007, when the three founded Salem Film Fest (SFF), the week-long festival that sustains cinephiles each March through the long, bleak slog of New England winter. The largest all-documentary film festival in New England, SFF 2016 will run March 3-10.”

“Come to Salem, see the world” has been the SFF catch phrase since its inception, both as an homage to the old Salem merchant ships that established trade with the rest of the world and in tribute to the films from dozens of countries the festival has screened over the past nine years. “The festival’s strength has always been its programming and community feel, but the scope of our programming reaches far beyond the local,” Cultrera said.