Michael Sullivan Award for Documentary Journalism

March 21, 2019

Salem Film Fest is proud to present the sixth annual Michael Sullivan Award for Documentary Journalism. This annual award is named in honor of FRONTLINE’s long-time Executive Producer of Special projects who passed away in 2013.

A trophy and $1,000 prize will be awarded to the filmmaker whose documentary most closely reflects the values Mike believed in: good filmmaking and good journalism.

This Year’s Nominees

ALWAYS IN SEASON directed by Jacqueline Olive


FALSE CONFESSIONS directed by Katrine Philp


FREE MEN directed by Anne-Frédérique Widmann


GRIT directed by Sasha Friedlander and Cynthia Wade


THE MONEY STONE directed by Stuart Harmon


WHY CAN’T I BE ME? AROUND YOU directed by Harrod Blank


Previous Winners

2018 THE BLOOD IS AT THE DOORSTEP directed by  Erik Ljung
2017 AFTER SPRING directed by Ellen Martinez, Steph Ching
2016 INDIAN POINT directed by Ivy Meeropol
2015 DAVIDS AND GOLIATH directed by Leon Lee
2014 THE EXHIBITION directed by Damon Vignale

We want to thank all who have contributed to the Michael Sullivan Award. For more information, please contact Joe Cultrera at joe@salemfilmfest.com.

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