Retrospective: Black in America


Salem Film Fest has always made it a priority to shed a light on social issues and to facilitate dialogue within our community and beyond. We are at a crucial moment in our nation’s history as racism and injustice are finding it more difficult to lurk in the shadows unchecked. The opportunity for change seems more real than it has been in a long time.

SFF is proud to team up with filmmakers from past editions of the festival to offer RETROSPECTIVE: BLACK IN AMERICA, a collection of films from previous years that examine the African-American experience and our country’s continued struggle with the legacy of slavery.  We are donating all our profits from ticket sales from RETROSPECTIVE: BLACK IN AMERICA to Massachusetts based cultural organizations that are working to create opportunities for African-Americans in the arts, or are working to relate the story of the Black community’s historical experience through the use of the arts.

Please support our partners in this initiative:  Castle of our Skins, Raw Art Works Real to Reel Film School, Transformative Culture Project and The Theater Offensive.